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    There is an Engineer behind everything we do.

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    The science behind Mars

    At Mars, we have spent over five decades holding our engineers to the highest standards in their pursuit to design products that solve the toughest problems. Across every industry we understand the environmental conditions operators struggle to control and have been committed to resolving them with Mars’ powerful stream of air. And we do...consistently, year after year. Mars has one of the industry’s best records for technical performance and offers a wide range of accessories designed to support and amplify the performance of our units.

    See the Science of Mars Invisible Stream of Protection

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    Why the Strip Curtain Isn’t a Solution

    When real protection and sanitation is what you are after, there is no substitute for the engineered power of a Mars Air Curtain. No substitute.

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    Your ROI

    Understand how putting the engineered solutions of Mars to work for you is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

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    Certified by Leading Testing Laboratories

    Beyond the extensive testing the Mars team of engineers conducts as part of product development and post-production verification, our products have the quality that meets the rigorous standards of numerous nationally recognized testing laboratories. We voluntarily institute strict quality control standards in the materials, components and crafting of the products and accessories we offer. And, our warranty is one of the most inclusive in the industry. And, Mars stands behind every Mars product unequivocally and without exclusion.

    Unique Applications = Custom-Engineered Solutions

    Sharp Chula Vista Stero
    A Mars air curtain affixed to a warewashing unit dries products quickly so they can return to circulation in high-volume settings.

    Mars’ powerful precision-engineered stream of air works so well at solving problems, facility managers call on us to help them resolve a multitude of unique challenges. And, Mars delivers.

    From the need to quickly dry products leaving a warewashing unit, to removing contaminants and debris from workers entering an industrial painting unit, when a product does its job this well, word gets out.

    We offer:

    • Explosion-proof units
    • Tamper-proof units
    • Wash-down units
    • Custom solutions to serve in “off-label” roles that remedy challenges in facilities of all sizes

    Count on the Mars team of engineers and problem solvers to thoroughly understand your setting and environmental conditions so we can engineer a solution to rescue you from time and money drains.


    Locate A Sales Rep

    Mars Air Systems has broad domestic and international networks of continually-trained, industry-specialized representatives and dealers to provide the highest level of support for designers/specifiers, contractors, and purchasing leads. And, they are backed by a factory-based Customer Satisfaction Team dedicated to guiding you in selecting the right products and accessories, answering technical questions, helping you prepare and execute on your installation, and ensuring aftermarket satisfaction and performance.

    Once a Mars customer always a Mars customer.

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